Software Consulting


At Blazanor-Enterprises we offer end to end software consulting services. We can analyze your business requirements and assist you by designing effective solutions specifically engineered to fit your company.

As part of our consulting service we will come to your business and meet with you to discuss your current problems and requirements. We will then spend some time getting to know how you business functions and help you identify any other areas where we may be able to help.

Once we have gathered all the necessary data we will then put together a comprehensive Technical Specification Document. This document will describe all the inner workings of the proposed solution in granular detail and will include Database Diagrams (ERDs) where necessary. This document is a very useful checklist when developing a solution as it provides a point of reference for both the client and the developer to ensure that all requirements are met.

The initial consultation is free, after which we will provide you with a quote to complete the Technical Specification Document. This quote is dependent on the complexity of the solution required and the time we estimate it will take to compile the document. On completion of this document we will also provide you with a formal quote to create the documented solution should you choose to do so.